If you are a community organisation, sporting club or P&C and would like information about how you can benefit from getting involved with the IMB Cook Community Classic register here. Businesses may also enquire here about sponsorship or site stalls at the community carnival.

Terms and conditions of participation in the IMB Bank Cook Community Classic (“The Classic”)

  • Organisations must have a not for profit status and be registered as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR).
  • Organisations involved in The Classic agree to participate in and attend, where available, all promotional activities associated with the marketing and promotion of The Classic.
  • On receipt of raffle tickets, organisations are considered to be an approved participant.

Raffle ticket sales

  • The Department of Gaming and Racing are strict on the accounting procedures for raffles. Every book, ticket and stub must be accounted for.  Failure to do this could render the raffle void if an audit were to take place.
  • Raffle tickets sales sheets and procedures will be provided at time of distribution and must be closely followed.
  • Completed sales sheets must be returned with the stubs and left over books.
  • When selling raffle tickets you must clearly identify yourself and the organisation you are representing.
  • On completion of sales you must deposit the money collected directly into your organisations bank account and provide proof of deposit when you return ticket stubs and unsold books
  • Organisations must provide a letter (preferably signed by a club treasurer or president) stating how much in total was banked and the number of tickets sold.
  • Stubs are to be returned to the office of the Hon. Scott Morrison MP no later than 5:00pm on the 24 November 2023.
    Use of IMB Bank Cook Community Classic logo (CCC Logo)
  • The IMB BANK COOK COMMUNITY CLASSIC grants APPROVED PARTICIPANTS a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to feature the CCC Logo and name in advertising and promotional materials (if any) that APPROVED PARTICIPANTS produce in connection with the event, including but not limited to advertising and promotional materials produced for print, television, radio and internet mediums.
  • All artwork containing the CCC logo will be submitted to the authorised Classic representative for approval prior to any publication or printing.

General Conduct

During and after the term of The Classic organisations participating agree:

  1. To promote The Classic in a professional and ethical manner;
  2. When in public, on promotional events or during appearances to act in a professional and courteous manner;
  3. Not to do, say or act in any manner which would be contrary to the interests of The Classic; and
  4. Not to bring The Classic into disrepute, or cause The Classic’s image to be lessened in the eyes of the general public or cause any negative publicity.